Colour Thru Concrete

Concrete "dyes" take many different forms and compositions and can be used on both residential and commercial concrete applications, including sound/retaining walls, bridges, countertops, floors,etc.

Early concrete dyes consisted of generic printing inks that were dissolved in mild solutions of alcohol and applied to concrete surfaces to add a wide array of color to plain gray concrete. When alcohol-based dyes are exposed to sunlight, the color either lightens or fades out completely. Therefore, alcohol-based dyes were more prevalent in interior applications where direct sunlight or other forms of ultraviolet (UV) lighting was not present.Manufacturers later began dissolving the same printing inks in different carriers, such as acetone, lacquer thinner and other solvents, hoping to achieve increased penetration levels. In addition, UV inhibiting agents were added to new dyes to help with the UV instability issues. However, slight fading (5-8% per year) still occurs when the dye is exposed to direct sunlight.

Colour Thru Concrete may be used in pool surroundings, entertaining areas and driveways both small and large. It is also suitable for adding decorative appeal to a range of finishes such as exposed aggregate, mortar and render.

Colour Thru Concrete will give full depth colour throughout your entire slab as it is manufactured from high quality inorganic oxides. Colour Thru pigments are of high tint strength which offers maximum UV resistance creating colours that last. 

Choose your favourite colour from a wide range of natural and pastel colours to create a distinctive look for your lifestyle. Unique designs are achievable with additional application of stencil patterns, header courses, stamp mats or different texture applications.

Design Tip: Use a Colour Thru colour in your concrete and place your stencil pattern on top to give you a more natural look which blends in with your surroundings.